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Our Benefits

A competitive salary and flexible working hours are just the start of what you can expect working at Recite Me. 

OK, what we really mean is the EXTRA benefits of working for us. As a fair employer, we want our staff to be happy, motivated and driven. So we’re already committed to providing all of our employees with:

  • Competitive salaries

  • Professional development

  • Workplace health management

  • A great social scene

  • Career advancement opportunities

We’re also happy to be flexible in how you choose to plan your working day. We understand that everyone has a life outside of work, and we want to help you achieve the perfect work/life balance. Our range of flexible work solutions give you the freedom to organise your work life, family life, and home life in the way that’s best suited to you.

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"I love working at Recite Me - the benefits are just an added bonus! Having a flexible start time is great, it allows me to start earlier and finish earlier so I have more free time on a night."

Laura Blenkinsopp, Marketing Executive

Flexible Start Time

Our working day starts any time between 8am and 10am, so if you have kids and need to work your day around the morning school run, we’re good with that. Our staff are free to finish work between 4.30pm and 6.30pm with the added bonus of missing the rush hour traffic jams!

Work from Home​

All of our employees can choose to work from home 2 days per week. We find this has a positive effect on performance, productivity, and staff happiness levels. Plus, it helps our staff organise their lives better, save time on the daily commute, and save money on childcare and transport costs.


We love our new workcation program, which gives you the flexibility to take some extra breaks throughout the year without eating into your holiday allowance. For up to 2 weeks per annum (10 working days), you can combine a trip with working remotely. While you are on workcation, your working day is reduced to 6 hours, allowing you more flexibility and freedom to enjoy your time away.

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