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Our Story

We've got an awesome story and we love telling it! Below are snapshots of some of our biggest moments.

Within just a few years of operation, Recite Me has grown from a small regional start-up into a multi-national organisation. 


We’re now one of the world’s leading Enterprise SaaS accessibility solutions, providing support to millions of users in industries around the globe. This is our story…

Late 1990s

Once upon a time, there was a dyslexic. More specifically, our founder and CEO, Ross Linnett. 

Ross wasn’t diagnosed with dyslexia until after he graduated from university. But like many others whose learning difficulties are not identified until adulthood, he’d always suspected there was something different about the way his brain was working and learning. He excelled in subjects that didn't include a lot of English, but weak in those that required large amounts of reading or writing.

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