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Take Advantage of Workcation - A Perk for Recite Me Employees

Let’s set the scene: You are a full-time employee of Recite Me and you want a change of scenery to go see family but you don’t want to use up any more holidays. So, what do you do?

In a lot of workplaces across the country, there would be no choice but to use up your holiday allowance but here at Recite Me, we have a unique initiative as part of our perks programme called “Workcation”. But what is it? How many days are employees entitled to? What are the benefits? Well, let's break it down below:

What is it?

Workcation is a scheme to help balance work/life.

How many days do you get?

Every employee is entitiled to 10 days, workcation in 2 stints or 1. These days are separate to your holiday allowance.

When can I use a workcation?

Workcation can be used at anytime during the year apart from over the Christmas break.

The Benefits

Reduced Working Hours:

One of the great benefits of workcation is the amount of hours you need to do per shift. In a normal working day, employees at Recite work 8 hours but Workcation only requires you to work 6! 

A Change of Scenery:

Recite Me recognises that individuals often thrive in diverse settings, free from the usual distractions of their daily routines and “Workcation” enables this for all employees.

Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones:

We understand that time is a currency that no one can get back. So “Workcation” enables a flexible schedule to go see family who live down the country or abroad and spend more time with those you love the most.

What do Employees Think of “Workcation”

We thought it would be a good idea to hear from those in our workplace who utilise the “Workcation” programme throughout the year. Let’s hear the thoughts of Software Tester, Sangeetha Pandey & Partnerships Manager, Sami Hobson.

“Workcation is very important for every employee for better and healthier work-life balance. Employees like me who are working abroad away from family and friends might sometimes feel homesick and workcation is the best opportunity where we can blend work and leisure by reducing stress and improving mental well-being.
The biggest advantage is Workcation allows you to work only half-day i.e., 4 hours only with a lot better scenery and freedom to work from anywhere. Workcation also provides room for family time/Me time by promoting work-life balance and at the same time getting work done when and where we prefer. It reduces stress from work-related matters, helps in increasing motivation for better productivity, increases my performance and an improvement in creativity in the work process as well as allows me to create my work schedule.”  - Sangeetha Pandey, Software Tester, Recite Me.
“Being able to fly to Japan every year might sound very exotic for some. Whilst living in the UK, visiting ageing parents in Japan regularly becomes a little less exotic. Recite Me’s Workcation option allows me to check up on my parents while working from Japan without using a great deal of annual leave days. Being able to enjoy some of the amazing Japanese cuisines during the workcation is certainly a great perk.” - Sami Hobson, Partnership Manager, Recite Me.

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