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Working as a Developer at Recite Me

This week marks National Careers Week, a one-week celebration where we empower young people to make informed choices about their next steps.

Here at Recite Me, we have plenty of opportunities, particularly for those searching for a career as a developer. To learn a bit more about life as a developer at Recite Me, we caught up with Terence Waldeck, a front-end developer at Recite Me.

What is your role at Recite Me?

I am a Frontend Developer, specialising in frontend web frameworks and UI tools such as React.

How did you get into the tech industry?

I started doing websites in previous roles and enjoyed it enough to change careers. I ended up going to university to study computer science and applied at Recite Me upon finishing my studies.

What do you enjoy most about working at Recite Me?

I love being part of a helpful team using modern technologies to create tools that make the web more accessible. We explore industry standard practices and use the best-suited tools to achieve well-designed user interfaces and robust applications. What I enjoy most, is working through a real-world problem and solving it by just using code.

What does a typical day at Recite Me look like for you?

My day usually starts at 8 am with coffee and a general chat with my colleagues. We usually discuss our tasks for the day and whether we might need help with anything. I work through until our daily stand-up followed by more coding tasks. I usually go to lunch at 12 and a few of us usually go for a walk along the quays when the weather is favourable. After lunch it’s back to coding and completing any open tickets, along with testing, deploying and other general developer tasks. I finish my day at 4.30 pm and head home to spend time with my family.

Why should someone join the Recite Me team?

It is genuinely a friendly environment with a great work-life balance, exciting work events and fun nights out with colleagues. It is rewarding to see your efforts reach a much wider audience through inclusivity and is a leading edge to help progress your understanding and further your career in tech.


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