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Working as an Apprentice at Recite Me

Apprenticeship week is finally here, a week that gives organisations the opportunity to showcase the advantages that apprentices can have on nearby communities, companies, and the economy. This week, we caught up with Owen-James Young, as he shared his experience of working as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Recite Me.

Why did you think a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship was right for you?

I have always been interested in social media content and digital advertising, primarily video related due to my background in film and media, but also because I ran my own freelance collaboration whilst at university. I had just finished a contract as a photographer/videographer with a previous employer and I wanted to continue pushing my creative side. So, when I saw the opportunity to apply for a level 3 digital marketing apprenticeship where I would be able to study and work at the same time, I grabbed it with both hands.

What Skills Have You Learned as an Apprentice?

With Recite Me being an accessibility software company, I am constantly considering accessibility. For example, adding camel case hashtags to your work so that they are accessible to screen readers or remembering ALT text on your photos.

Marketing-wise, I have developed a better understanding of marketing processes, online and offline promotions, search engine optimisation, website building and many more transferable skills which will be massively beneficial in my future.

What have you enjoyed the most about being an Apprentice so far?

I would have to say the best part about the apprenticeship is where it’s at. The team I work with and the company, in general, are amazing, everyone is so kind and you can tell that you are appreciated. They always provide days away from the office to bond with other members in the office and opportunities to progress in the company. Recite Me has one of the best work cultures I have worked for and I hope to continue here in the future.

What has been the biggest challenge of your Apprenticeship so far?

Thinking about accessibility, in every aspect of your work, has been a massive challenge for me! Before Recite Me, I didn’t understand the amount that you can do yourself to make your work accessible to everyone.

From dyslexic-friendly fonts to the way you structure your documents, I am still adapting to it 4 months after starting. In addition, I would also say that having a work/study balance is one of the more difficult things in an apprenticeship. For me, personally, I want to put my all into the business that I work for so I always feel a bit guilty for doing coursework over tasks assigned to me by the team. But, I’m sure they don’t mind at all!

Why would you advise other people to do an apprenticeship?

It’s a win-win for everyone involved as for you, as the apprentice, you essentially get paid for adding a “new string to your bow” of talents. All of this whilst networking with many other talented individuals in your field so if worst case scenario, you don’t get hired, you have many connections that can point you in the right direction. It’s challenging, it’s tough but the reward is more than worth it.

Fancy joining team Recite Me to help us to make the online world a more inclusive place, make sure to check out our available roles.


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